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The upgrade of the Leagues Club Field to create a regional playground and improve overall amenity, was announced by the Minister for Planning in May 2018. The park was identified by the Government Architect (through their Urban Design Implementation Framework) as a key opportunity to reactivate the southern area of the city, and provide a destination for people close to the water.

Central Coast Regional Development Corporation (CCRDC) has been charged with the delivery of this important project. To inform the detailed design of the park, we are seeking ideas from the community around what people most want to see in the new space and where.

How to engage?

Our vision is that the park will become an attractive place for the community to come and play or relax, as well as continuing to accommodate sporting groups. Please go to and use the image to put pins for what you would like to see changed and a light bulb marker to share your great idea.

Alternatively, pop in to the GoGosford office at 107-109 Mann Street to share your ideas for the new park.