The Gosford Waterfront Precinct

The Gosford Waterfront Precinct is the first strategy of ‘Our City, Our Destiny’ to be implemented. A key objective of ‘Our City, Our Destiny Masterplan’ is to link Gosford to its waterfront, an objective achieved by this project. But more than that, it is designed as a catalyst project. By focusing first on the waterfront precinct, Gosford capitalises on its natural assets and emphasises the need for the city centre to reconnect with its waterfront. This connection and managed development is expected to restore confidence in Gosford as an investment proposition.

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Proposed Regional Performing Arts Centre and Conservatorium

The Gosford Regional Performing Arts Centre and Conservatorium will form a key element in the planned Gosford Cultural Precinct.

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Gosford City Masterplan

This project was implemented with the instigation of the Gosford Challenge in 2008, a partnership between Gosford City Council and the community, which articulated the need and desire for Gosford to be recognised as the regional city of the Central Coast. The Challenge’s community engagement process resulted in the production of the Our City Our Destiny Masterplan, which established the objectives which would guide the revitalisation of Gosford.

Aerial shot of The Entrance

The Entrance Revitalisation

The CCRDC has been working with Wyong Shire Council and The Entrance Revitalisation Group with a focus on revitalising The Entrance.

This project aims to enhance the experiences of tourists and residents alike in the area and hopes to reinvigorate The Entrance through the development of new recreational and tourism initiatives.

The Entrance Coast to Lake Walk

The Entrance Coast to Lake Walk

The Corporation is currently overseeing a public domain infrastructure improvement program at The Entrance, which involves the upgrade of the shared walking and cycling track. The project aims to enhance the experiences of tourists and residents alike.

Central Coast Higher Education Possibilities Committee

The CCRDC will use higher education as a key driver for economic growth and vitality within the Central Coast Region. This responds to the Gosford City Centre Masterplan.

Aerial photo of Mt Penang parklands

Mt Penang Parklands

Located at Kariong, this 152 hectare site an entrance to the region that demonstrates that the Central Coast is open for business. Mt Penang Parklands currently support retail, commerce, education, entertainment, active and passive recreation, Aboriginal and European heritage and residential activities. The site has significant potential to support redevelopment of the Gosford CBD by providing opportunities for niche and complementary development and business. It is the home for Mt Penang Gardens and also a number of major events conducted in the region.